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Arrogant VS. Awkward

When you’ve been amongst humanity long enough to be at the stage of life where you’re feeling lost in a mountain of exams, homework and controlled assessments, it’s probably safe to say you’ve seen enough of society to know what happens when two different types of social groups collide. And if you don’t know; let’s just say it isn’t good. For example, when an awkward person accidently collides worlds with an arrogant person, the arrogant person will almost always walk away sniggering to themselves about the person they just encountered and the awkward person will be left feeling even more awkward than before.

If you’re wondering what it means to be arrogant, well the dictionary says that it’s to ‘behave in an unpleasantly proud way because you think you are superior to other people’, which is a rather good, clean way of putting things. But in my opinion being arrogant is to manipulate things so the odds end up in your favour, as opposed to the ‘oh so precious ego’ being shattered by someone who is ‘clearly inferior’. Have you noticed that when you don’t necessarily fit into an arrogant person’s ‘social standards’ they’ll give you that look of ‘err what the heck it that disgusting thing’? Sometimes you get the odd person who follows the idea of being arrogant just to fit in with the rest of society, which is just sad. I’ve gone through life with the idea of ‘you are who you are, nobody can change that and you should be happy with it’, although it’s hard to hear my own advice when I’ve got arrogance shouting over the top of it.

It’s great to see a victory of awkwardness because it’s just so rare. However these victories usually consist of the arrogant person being out smarted and saying ‘ergh whatever’ and then a big dramatic storming off. But in most cases these collisions end in the awkward person having their confidence shattered. A debate between arrogance and awkwardness can vary from day to day; it can be because of socialisation, rumours and collisions. Picture this: an awkward person trying to get someplace and the arrogant person walks right into them because they’re too busy gossiping with their friends or being on social sites on their phone. The awkward person will then attempt to apologise and the arrogant person will say ‘watch where you’re going you weirdo’.

Being awkward is a completely different story to being arrogant, as when you are awkward you aren’t very good with socialising, making you feel shy or self-conscious at points, especially when you’re in a moderately social setting. Awkward people are the people who have their heads screwed on right but have trouble showing it at times, making them seem like they lack in common sense. Some of them are downright shy; however the majority of them open up after you get to know them a bit. Awkwardness can stem from many things, sometimes you have a tone that you don’t like so you try to contain it but end up failing drastically, thus making yourself awkward. Other cases of awkward come from having different likes and dislikes to the majority of society. You can easily tell if a person is feeling awkward from their body language, if they are fiddling with hair, items of clothing or trying to subtly scratch the back of their jaw or ear they are feeling awkward. Another sign is if they are either talking really quietly or ‘umming’ and ‘erring’ a lot.

All in all it’s just another sad fact of life. Arrogant people are louder and bolder than awkward people (then again most people are) thus getting more attention, or maybe it’s the attention that corrupted them in the first place? Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that awkward people take the back seat to the arrogance of the world. Until it does change; us awkward people will just be learning how not to be an unpleasant person while the arrogant ones do all the work.

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